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woman in drivers seat holding up a phoneEvery year, tweaks and adjustments are made to the laws that govern the United States and its individual states. Many times, these adjustments are made because of updates to the system, learning from previous mistakes, and adapting to changes in technology and various other factors. This includes laws pertaining to traffic violations. Let’s discuss.

Texting and Driving

As you know, texting and driving is considered one of the most serious traffic violations, as it has resulted in numerous accidents, deaths, and tragedies. But, surprisingly, not all of Texas had outlawed it. Many cities, including El Paso, had already put in place ordinances that banned texting and driving, including doing so using a hands-free device. So if you’re driving through Texas, do the smart thing and put your phone away.

Car Seat Safety Education Included in Driver’s Education Courses

Another big, and rather monumental, change is now the state of Texas requires driver’s education courses to educate future drivers on how to properly set up a car seat in their vehicles. This can help ensure car seats are properly set up and that children and babies stay safe on the road. If you or someone you know is planning on earning his or her driver’s license, know that you will most likely be tested on this.

Autonomous Vehicles

As the world of autonomous vehicles continues to expand, so do the laws regarding them. In Texas, new laws regarding autonomous vehicles include allowing people to test autonomous vehicles on Texas roads, setting up the groundwork needed to move forward with testing these vehicles. While traffic violations haven’t quite been set for these vehicles, it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re updated and created over the next couple of years.

Driving Without Car Insurance

This is commonplace. It’s important to have your insurance information on hand with you as you drive, especially if you’re pulled over. However, a new law makes this even more so because now officers must run your insurance paperwork through a new verification system. They must do this before issuing a citation.

The Aaronson Law Firm is Here to Help You

While laws are changing, there’s one that’s for certain: traffic violations are rather annoying to deal with. If you’ve received one and require legal help, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you take care of your traffic violations.

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