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Woman Receiving Speeding TicketAsk the person who rings you up at the store, the woman who cuts your hair, your grandma, or even your boss  if they’ve ever received a felony or misdemeanor charge, and the answer will probably be no. Now ask them if they’ve ever received a traffic violation, like, say, running a stop sign or speeding, and they will more than likely say yes.  

Countless violations are issued on a daily basis in the United States. Many come with hefty fines while repeat offenses may also result in your license being suspended. If you’ve received a traffic violation and seek representation, the Aaronson Law Firm can help you.

Five Most Common Traffic Violations

If you’re one of the few people who have yet to receive a traffic violation, we applaud you, but just know you are few and far between. Some of the most common violations include:

  1. Speeding-Even if you’ve never been caught, you’ve probably driven above the speed limit before. Not only is this an easy way to receive an infraction, it’s also quite dangerous. Thousands of speeding tickets are issued every day to help counteract bad speeding habits.


  1. Running Red Lights and Stop Signs-This violation is especially dangerous and can also come with steep fines and numerous court appearances.


  1. Illegal U-Turns-This one may seem harmless, but illegal u-turns often cause serious accidents and can land you in the hot seat with a cop.


  1. Improper or Reckless Lane Changes-Changing lanes improperly is one of the most dangerous things you could do and while many people think police officers don’t pay attention to these kinds of things, they actually do.


  1. Tailgating-Tailgating can result in an accident if the car in front of you brakes suddenly—something neither of you wants. It can also result in a hefty ticket should a police officer see you.

How Does This Reflect Our Driving Habits?

As humans, we’re prone to making mistakes, both from a lack of experience and from lapses in our judgment, but when we’re behind the wheel, these bad habits can have serious repercussions. According to Geico, some of the most common bad habits people exhibit behind the wheel include not using their blinkers when lane changing, driving with headphones, and tailgating—all of which coincide with the most common traffic violations.

What Can I Do?

When behind the wheel, it’s important to practice safe driving habits. But sometimes we are only human. If you’ve received a traffic violation, the Aaronson Law Firm can help you! Call today!

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