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If we’re being honest, it’s probably been a long while since we tested for licenses. And even if it hasn’t, once we pass, it’s hard to retain every single little thing we learned about in driver’s ed class. This lack of knowledge can, unbeknownst to us, earn us our very own traffic ticket. The traffic violation lawyer at the Aaronson Law Firm in El Paso can help you if you’ve received a traffic ticket.

  1. Illegal U-Turns

If it has a left lane to turn from, why shouldn’t I be able to do a U-turn? That’s a valid question, but there are many instances when you shouldn’t complete a u-turn, for the safety of those around you. In Texas, there aren’t too many regulations regarding u-turns. For the most part, as long as you can reasonably see 500 feet in front of you to make sure the coast is clear, you should be good. As for local ordinances, be sure to look out for signs that prohibit U-turns at specific intersections. And as with any kind of turn, stop at stop signs and red lights and yield to oncoming traffic. Also, you cannot make a U-turn at a red light, even if the coast is clear.

  1. Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Getting into wrecks can be a nightmare. When you do get into one, it’s important that you pull over when you feel it is safe to do so to check on yourself and any of the passengers in the car for injuries. If none are found, you don’t have to call emergency services, though it’s ideal to get checked out for any unseen injuries. Be sure to inspect the car and take pictures, if you can, of the damage. The way you and the other driver, if there was one, handle the accident is up to you and usually depends on the kind of insurance you have.

While not all accidents warrant the need for emergency professionals, it’s important to still file the accident with the police, especially if another vehicle is involved or the accident caused damages to city property. You can call a non-emergency number for this. Oftentimes, many people opt not to call the police, and this is where the law is broken, especially if you drive away and the other driver, for whatever reason, decides to press charges. Calling the police alleviates this issue and ensures you are complying with the law.

  1. You Must Have Windshield Wipers

In Texas, as well as in Alabama and the country of Luxembourg, you must have windshield wipers on your car, especially if you want to pass for registration. The odd thing about this, though, is that you don’t have to have a windshield to pass—just the windshield wipers. How odd, right?

Reliable Traffic Violation Lawyer in El Paso

Traffic violations are no fun. If you’ve received a traffic ticket, the traffic violation lawyer at the Aaronson Law Firm can help you. Call us today!

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