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View on rear mirror of a car. Police car with lights and siren is chasing you.Texas is a big state with many counties and A LOT of area space. When it comes to driving penalties, such as speeding tickets, and other driving violations, things may not be the exact same everywhere, but our traffic violation lawyer can help. Remember, there are violations that don’t change, unlike the Texas drawl from West Texas and the twang from East Texas.  Not only are some violations more serious than others, but there are different penalties for different things that don’t really differ from county to county. Here are some of the top traffic violations that can get your license suspended or even revoked under Texas law.

Driving While Intoxicated or Under the Influence of Drugs

This violation is pretty obvious. Every state in the country has DWI and DUI violations- though the severeness varies. In Texas, there is a sort of strike system. The first offense usually comes with a fine, possible jail time (anywhere from 30 days to 180 days), and a possible driving license suspension (ranging from 3 months to 180 days). Keep in mind that penalties for the first offense can range from county to county and also rely on the offender’s blood alcohol level. Penalties grow more severe with the number of DUI/DWI’s a person has on their record as well.

Driving with an Invalid, Suspended, or False License

Having any kind of false identification has it’s own, separate penalty, but in Texas, if you are found to be driving a car with a suspended, invalid, or false license, the penalties can run high. Ultimately, it can result in the complete revocation of your license.

Habitual Negligent or Reckless Driving (That Includes Speeding Tickets!)

We all have our bad days- days when people on the road do not seem to be cooperating, or days that we are running late to work, or even days where the baby kept you up all night and you are sleep deprived. But if you keep racking up those speeding tickets, for example, it an cost you your license. A judge can end up viewing it as a very dangerous habit. Things happen- but if you make it a consistent habit of driving recklessly with disregard to fellow drivers, those tickets can rack up and ultimately cost you your license.

What Doesn’t Happen in Texas can Follow You to Texas

Believe it or not, serious traffic violations that can cause your license to be revoked in Texas don’t just apply in Texas. If you are a Texas resident and you are convicted of a traffic violation that carries the penalty of license suspension or revocation in an other state, guess what? Yep, Texas can make the decision to apply the penalty in your home state.

Contact a Traffic Violation Lawyer For Help

At the Aaronson Law Firm, our traffic violation lawyer knows that we all have our bad days. Does it mean we won’t try to help you with your traffic violation problems? Of course not! We want to help you figure out the best legal plan to deal with your particular traffic violation issues. From speeding tickets to expunging your record, it’s time to pick up the phone. Let’s figure out how to keep your driving record in the clear- contact us today!

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