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Woman Receiving Speeding TicketWhen it comes to auto insurance rates, one thing is certain: get a ticket and you can expect higher rates. Auto insurance providers see a not so perfect record as a risk for the roadways. Even if it was your first offense. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. As a ticket dismissal attorney in El Paso, Michael Aaronson has helped numerous El Pasoans clean up their driving record and in return lower their insurance rates. Clearing your driving record isn’t a lengthy process and can be achieved in a variety of ways, depending on the severity of your record.

Here are four ways you can begin clearing your driving record today:    

#1. Resolve any “fixable” tickets.

Driving with a missing tail light, failing to carry your driver’s license, and other easily fixable tickets should be corrected right away. There’s no reason to delay handling these tickets. Your insurance provider will see your concern for handling these smaller matters as a responsible effort.

#2. Contest questionable tickets.

When it comes to fighting tickets, if you genuinely feel you were wrongfully charged, by all means, it’s your right to fight the ticket. Perhaps you were speeding due to an emergency or were trying to avoid a reckless driver. In order to have the ticket reduced or dismissed, you should consult with a ticket dismissal attorney who can help you fight the ticket.

#3. Take a driver safety course.

In the state of Texas, you could be eligible to have a ticket dismissed by taking a defensive driving course. However, if you were going more than 25 MPH, do not have car insurance, left the scene of an accident (hit and run), were speeding in a school or construction zone, you’re not eligible. For those who are eligible, a defensive driving course is your best route for cleaning your driving record.

#4. Consult with a ticket dismissal attorney.

Seeking legal advice is the best method of understanding your rights. There could be violations that weren’t committed and the ramifications were hence inaccurate. Even the traffic violations that don’t seem like severe damage do affect your driving record and can be there for years to come. Some auto insurance providers won’t hike up your rate depending on the violations where others could charge up to 30 percent more!  

Take Control and Contact the Aaronson Law Firm in El Paso Today

The Aaronson Law Firm is well-versed in all relevant fines and Texas driving laws. We help clients understand their rights when it comes to violations. Our goal is to help you keep a clean driving record because we know your auto insurance rates are on the line. If your driving record is blemished, contact us today to receive the advice you need.   

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