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drivers license suspension attorney

Having your license suspended in El Paso can be extremely difficult. Public transportation isn’t the best and Uber or Lyft fares will certainly wreak havoc on your bank account. Simply put, no one wants to find him or herself without the freedom to get to where they need or want to.

In Texas, having your license suspended is a tough penalty. As a drivers license suspension attorney in El Paso, Michael Aaronson has assisted numerous residents following the suspension of their license.

If you’ve committed any of the following, contact our law firm for the help you need:

1- Driving Under the Influence

If you’re caught driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), you risk the real potential of having your license suspended and rightfully so. Anyone who drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a risk to the road. Texas’ DWI penalties state that drivers 21 and older with a first time DWI offense could have their license suspended for up to two years along with a hefty annual surcharge up to $2,000 for three years to keep your license.

2- Repeat Violations or Habitual Offenses

A habitual offense is considered multiple repeated offenses with a general time range of 12 months or up to three years. Examples include reckless driving and numerous traffic violations. In Texas, a habitual offender is considered a person with two prior felonies. According to the Texas Transportation Department of Motor Vehicles, a person will have his or her license suspended is they commit two or more separate offenses of a violation as well as a habitual violator of traffic laws.   

3- Driving Without Insurance

It’s mandatory to have auto insurance in the state of Texas. If you’re pulled over and the police officer finds out you don’t have insurance, you might receive a traffic ticket with instructions to show up in court or a police station. You could have the ticket dropped and simply pay a fine but you could also have your license suspended. According to DMV.org, failure to present your auto insurance will result in a suspended drivers license. If you’re missing documentation at the time of questioning, you have the chance to submit proof to the TX DPS.

Contact an Experienced Drivers License Suspension Attorney

At the Aaronson Law Firm in El Paso, TX, we take drivers license suspensions seriously. We realize the consequence of the offense can severely impact your life. Everyone needs the freedom to get to where they need to go. So if you need legal assistance getting your license reinstated, contact us!

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