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man getting pulled over for speeding and not wearing a seatbeltPolice officers have a way of seemingly appearing out of thin air. Perhaps you’re late to work and traffic isn’t helping you at all. You decide to speed up to 100 miles per hour as you weave in and out of traffic, passing all those drivers and leaving them in your wake. You hear your phone start to ring and the screen lights up. As you look down, you see your boss is calling. Instinctively, you reach for the phone and answer. “Where are you?” Your boss asks. He doesn’t sound aggravated or angry but you detect a slight tone of tension in his voice.

Traffic Issues in the El Paso Area

As you begin to formulate an answer in your head, you see some more flashing lights, this time they’re blue and red and they’re in your rearview mirror. “I’m running late,” you finally say to your boss as you pull over to the shoulder. You hang up and put your phone back in the cupholder. At that moment, you realize you forgot to put on your seatbelt. It’s too late now to do anything about it, sadly. The officer taps on your window; you roll it down; he asks for your license and registration and goes back to his cruiser to run your information. As you sit there in silence, your mind begins to fill up with thousands of outcomes. You know you’re getting at least two tickets, maybe even four tickets, and you feel as if all hope is lost. No matter how bad your situation is, you can always hire a traffic ticket lawyer to take care of any issues you may be facing.

Most Common Traffic Violations

Drivers in the El Paso area can find themselves paying large sums of money for any of the following issues:

  • Speeding
  • Not wearing seatbelts
  • Cell phone usage
  • Running a red light

Even if you think your situation is as cut and dry as it can be, it doesn’t mean you should give up. By teaming up with a traffic ticket lawyer in El Paso, you’ll be able to fight for your rights. Something as simple as a speeding violation can snowball into a much larger issue. The Aaronson Law Firm can provide the guidance you require in order to keep your head above the rest. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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