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traffic violations lawyerWhy Choose Aaronson Law Firm?

With over 40 years of experience, Aaronson Law Firm represents people struggling with the entire spectrum of criminal and traffic-related issues. We offer aggressive legal representation in the following areas:

  1. Traffic citations and traffic warrants
  2. Drivers license issues, including suspension hearings, suspension appeals and getting occupational/essential needs drivers licenses for those persons who have either had their licenses suspended or are not otherwise eligible
  3. Removal of traffic convictions from your DPS driving records – if you have excessive convictions from traffic tickets call us for more details – there is normally no upfront charge
  4. Misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses

As time moves forward, the citizens of El Paso are faced with new changes in traffic laws. Since we’ve provided the city with legal aid for many years, we are well versed and experienced in the different issues that may arise. Here at the Aaronson Law Firm, we will devote our complete commitment to you. Your rights are precious and they require protection.

Michael Aaronson — El Paso’s Traffic Violation Lawyer

Michael Aaronson attended the University of Texas at Austin and St. Mary’s School of Law. He graduated in 1973 and, two years later, established Aaronson Law Firm. When combating legal issues, having over forty years of experience comes in handy. Mr. Aaronson has devoted much of his life to helping those in legal binds.

Mr. Aaronson’s areas of practice include criminal law and traffic-related issues. Mr. Aaronson is proud to help the citizens of El Paso as well as surrounding areas by offering his complete knowledge and expertise to bring justice to your case. Since Mr. Aaronson is licensed to practice in all Texas state and county courts, as well as the United States District Courts for the Fifth Circuit, he should be your first and only choice. Put your trust in Aaronson Law Firm. We don’t believe people should pay to learn about their rights. We can give you a price quote, in most cases, over the telephone. Contact us today for a free consultation.