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the desk of a driver's license lawyer with books and a copper statue of Lady JusticeDriver’s License Lawyer in El Paso

Here at the Aaronson Law Firm, we offer our legal help to individuals in El Paso whose driving privileges have been suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualified. We understand the importance of being mobile. This is why we work hard to fix any issues concerning your driving record. In order to make our services as convenient to you as possible, all consultations are free and we offer price quotes over the phone. If you are in need of a driver’s license lawyer to assist with traffic citations, Aaronson will take care of you.

How a Driver’s License Lawyer Can Help

A driver’s license lawyer can help you every step of the way, from the moment you receive a ticket to getting a traffic warrant expunged. As a driver’s license lawyer, we are trained to handle traffic ticket and warrant cases in court, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting it removed from your record. If you choose to appear in court to fight your ticket, you can go it alone or hire a lawyer. Without an attorney, you’ll risk losing the case and your clean driving record. Hiring a driver’s license lawyer is the best bet at winning your case.

What to do After Your Driver’s License is Suspended

Mobility gives you freedom. When it’s taken away from you, it can put up a roadblock in your life. Everything from driving your child to school to stopping by the grocery store becomes a much more challenging ordeal. We’re dedicated to helping you get your license back, so your life can return to normal.

Courts can suspend your license for a number of reasons, even some that aren’t driving related. Some examples include getting a DWI/DUI, receiving too many traffic tickets and violations, and failing to pay child support. Regardless of the reason, having your license suspended is never fun, that’s why we’re here to help.

Your state will require you to refrain from driving and enroll in defensive driving if your license is suspended. You’ll also have to pay a reinstatement fee and get an SR22 from your insurance company, which verifies that you will meet all of your vehicle insurance requirements for a specific amount of time.

When you get a ticket in El Paso, you typically have a few options, depending on the reason your license was suspended. First, you have within 20 days of your suspension to contest it in court, but this can take up to four months to happen. You can also appeal it within 30 days. If you take this route, the Department for Public Safety will reinstate your license until the court makes a final decision on your license suspension. There are different steps to follow if your license was suspended for medical reasons, a DWI/DUI, or for neglecting to pay child support or show up for a court appearance.

A driver’s license suspension attorney can help you navigate the aftermath of having your license suspended. We know how big of a role transportation plays in your life and we understand how important it is to have a driver’s license. We’re here to help.

Cleaning Up Your Driving Record

Your driving record accumulates points every time you receive a ticket or are at fault for a collision. You receive two points for every moving violation and three points for every violation that results in a collision. Each time you receive points, you’ll have to pay a surcharge. Your license may be suspended if you receive four or more violations within 12 months or more than seven within 24 months.

The bottom line is you don’t want to have points on your record. Working with a lawyer can help get your driving record expunged. Expunging your driving record can reduce your chances of having your license suspended. Here at the Aaronson Law Firm, we can help you expunge your record in no time by negotiating with judges to reduce or eliminate your charges.

The Aaronson Law Firm in El Paso can help you clean up your record and get back to driving. If you’re facing issues with your driving records or drowning in tickets, we’re here to represent you. By hiring a driver’s license lawyer, you avoid increases in your insurance rates, added points to your driving records, and potentially paying high court and ticket fees. If you need help with traffic tickets, citations, and expunging your driving record, contact us today.