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a police officer standing next to his cop car on his way to give a driver a traffic ticket

Traffic Tickets in El Paso

Much like in other cities, traffic violations in El Paso can do a number to your clean driving record. Simply changing lanes poorly or not using your blinker can result in increases to your insurance rates, hefty fines, and points added to your driving record. If you’ve committed a traffic violation, a traffic violation lawyer can guide you through the legal process and represent you in court.

More serious traffic violations, like DWI or DUI, usually require multiple court visits, and can result in license suspension and even jail time. For these kinds of cases, the court may appoint you an attorney, but only if the violation could result in jail time. This may be a good option, but it’s better to rely on someone who has dealt with similar cases before. This way, they’ll have the knowledge and experience to get you the best results. Here at Aaronson Law Firm, we’ll fight for you and ensure you get the best result.

If you don’t handle your traffic violations and tickets, you could face an increase in your owed fines. A judge may also issue a warrant for your arrest if you choose to handle the ticket in court but fail to appear. No one wants to deal with this, but luckily a traffic violation lawyer at the Aaronson Law Firm can help.

Speeding Tickets

Everyone does it every now and then, but speeding can be dangerous and usually results in a hefty traffic ticket. In Texas, police generally issue tickets when the driver is ten percent or more over the speed limit. While having a speeding ticket or two on your record, getting multiple traffic tickets within one year (or more) can have some serious consequences. Typically these include community service, license suspension, and having your car towed.

If you’ve been ticketed recently, a speeding ticket lawyer can help get your ticket expunged. This way you won’t have to worry about paying the ticket or taking a defensive driving course.

Getting Your Ticket Dismissed in El Paso

If you get a speeding or traffic ticket, there are multiple ways to dismiss it. One way is to simply pay the fine. The citation you receive will have instructions on the back on how to mail in your payment. Oftentimes, the fine is quite expensive, so this may not be the best option. You could also plead guilty or no contest in court and pay it, but that still can be rather expensive. Your third option is to plead guilty in court and opt to take a defensive driving course to reduce the amount of the fine. While you won’t have to pay such a hefty fine, you’ll have to take a course that’ll eat up a lot of your time. Even though it might be your best option out of the three, it’s not always available. Your best bet is to hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

When you hire a ticket dismissal attorney, it’s safer to plead not guilty in court. Pleading not guilty requires you to appear in court before a judge. If you win the case, your charges will be dropped, you won’t have to pay any fees, and your insurance rates and points won’t go up. Aaronson Law Firm is dedicated to helping you get your traffic tickets dismissed. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes involve traffic violations. So if you’re one of the many who has been caught speeding or making illegal U-turns, call the Aaronson Law Firm. We can help you take care of the ticket in no time, contact us today.