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traffic ticket warrantsReputable Traffic Ticket Lawyer in El Paso

Traffic tickets and violations can be a nuisance, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore them. In fact, ignoring them and failing to show up for required court hearings can cause more trouble. Many times, when this happens, judges will issue a warrant for your arrest. The best thing to do is to handle the ticket or violation right away, but we are only human and sometimes we forget or other things happen that causes us to put the issue in the back of our minds. If a traffic ticket warrant is issued, a traffic ticket lawyer can help you out. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we can help you if you land in this sticky situation.

When Are Traffic Ticket Warrants Issued?

Ticket warrants are issued when you fail to pay a citation by the promised date or when you miss a court hearing. Judges may also issue a bench warrant even if you show up to court but fail to comply with what you were told during your hearing. To find out if you have a warrant, you can always search online on the DMV or DPS websites. The kind of warrant issued and the consequences of the warrant will depend on the offense. Typically, a traffic ticket is counted as a misdemeanor, while a more serious offense may be considered a felony.

What You Should Do if a Traffic Ticket Warrant is Issued

First, you want to do what you can to avoid this from happening, but if it does, you should work with a traffic ticket lawyer to get it taken care of. After you’ve confirmed there’s a warrant out for your arrest–either online or by receiving a notification in the mail–you should take your traffic ticket warrants to a lawyer before you do anything else because a lawyer will help you better navigate the legal system and cover how to handle this kind of case.

Presenting Your Warrant in Court

Once you have a lawyer, you can contact the court to handle your warrant. When you do this, you can reduce your punishment, meaning you most likely won’t have to pay extra fines or serve any time for the crime. For most states, including Texas, appearing in court is the best and often only way to contest the warrant.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

You may think that hiring a lawyer is too complicated or expensive, but they are the best representation you can have in court. They can better negotiate an agreement with the judge or attorney overseeing your case and they can especially help you if there’s already been a warrant issued for you. If you need help, the Aaronson Law Firm is available to represent you. Call us today for more information about traffic ticket warrants.