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Firm Overview

Why Choose Aaronson Law Firm?

With over 40 years of experience, Aaronson Law Firm represents people struggling with the entire spectrum of criminal and traffic-related issues. We offer aggressive legal representation in the following areas:

  1. Traffic citations and traffic warrants

  2. Drivers license issues, including suspension hearings, suspension appeals and getting occupational/essential needs drivers licenses for those persons who have either had their licenses suspended or are not otherwise eligible

  3. Removal of traffic convictions from your DPS driving records – if you have excessive convictions from traffic tickets call us for more details – there is normally no upfront charge

  4. Misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses

As time moves forward, the citizens of El Paso are faced with new changes in traffic laws. Since we’ve provided the city with legal aid for many years, we are well versed and experienced in the different issues that may arise. Here at the Aaronson Law Firm, we will devote our complete commitment to you. Your rights are precious and they require protection.

Our Services

Aaronson Law Firm is El Paso’s premier source for legal assistance with any traffic issue. Choose a traffic violation lawyer with the experience you need. If you’re looking for excellent service and a people-friendly approach, then you’ve come to the right place. At Aaronson Law Firm, our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure that you come away more than satisfied.

Free Traffic Ticket Expunction

The Aaronson Law Firm is the only firm in El Paso that offers traffic expunction services, completely free of charge. If you’ve received a traffic ticket in El Paso and voluntarily paid them, then they have turned into convictions. These convictions may have caused points, surcharges, higher insurance rates, and possibly loss of driving privileges. We can likely erase traffic convictions off your record permanently, for no fee at all.

We will not take a fee for this service. If we succeed in dismissing your ticket, the court will pay us a refund from the money you previously paid to the court. We will remove your convictions from your record. In addition, this will take down all the negative results of traffic convictions—bad points and surcharges, for example. It’s a win-win! But you should act now as this offer may not be available indefinitely.

Traffic Tickets and Warrants

If you’ve received tickets we can provide strong and vigorous representation to obtain the best possible result so that nothing affects your driving record. We can also clear any outstanding warrants. You will no longer be in danger of arrest. In addition, your driver’s license and/or registration renewal will not be denied or in danger.

Driver’s License Suspensions and Appeals

We can appear at the hearing if your driver’s license is going to be suspended, revoked, denied, or disqualified. And if we need to, we can appeal these cases and receive a favorable outcome.

Occupational/Essential Needs Driver’s Licenses

If you have lost your driving privileges we can get you a driver's license allowing you driving privileges for “essential needs”. This is usually to do the things that are important in your life – like work, school and family, and other important matters that you must operate a vehicle for.

Clean Up Your Driving Record

If you live in El Paso and have received tickets that you have gone ahead and paid rather than set for trial – it’s likely we can get these cases back into trial and take them off of your record. It doesn’t matter that you’ve already paid the tickets and been reported to DPS. It also doesn’t matter if the tickets you paid for already created surcharges, points, and loss of driving privileges. Call us for more details on this invaluable service. This service is normally without charge because attorney’s fees are paid by the court, not you.

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When it comes to traffic-related issues, you must get legal assistance as soon as possible. Here at Aaronson Law Firm, we are ready to offer our devotion to your legal matters. Contact us today for a free consultation!