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The Most Common Traffic Violations

Human beings are fallible. If we weren’t, we’d be machines! We make mistakes on a daily basis, after all. Most mistakes may be simple, such as misspelling someone’s name or waking up ten minutes late. Other mistakes can lead to negative consequences. Even young children have a grasp on what’s right and wrong and they […]

Traffic Tickets Aren’t the End: How We Can Fight for Your Rights

Police officers have a way of seemingly appearing out of thin air. Perhaps you’re late to work and traffic isn’t helping you at all. You decide to speed up to 100 miles per hour as you weave in and out of traffic, passing all those drivers and leaving them in your wake. You hear your […]

Expunction and Removal of Traffic Convictions for a Brighter Future

Expunction and Removal of Traffic Convictions for a Brighter Future In this day and age, people are finding incredible ways to make money. Car owners can make a steady income by working for ridesharing services (Uber and Lyft) or delivery services (GrubHub, Favor, PostMates). If you’re thinking of applying for any of these jobs, you […]

Keeping Your Driving Record Clean in 2019

Keeping Your Driving Record Clean in 2019 With every new year comes a sense of “fresh starts.” If you acquired a speeding ticket in 2018, you shouldn’t let it drag into 2019. Speeding tickets may seem inconsequential but they can lead to a variety of very negative situations. Perhaps your insurance rates will increase or […]

What to Do if You Get Pulled Over This Holiday Season

The holidays, while merry and bright for some, bring about stress and frustration for others. Around this time of year, there is an increase in the number of cars on the road around El Paso as well as drivers speeding in an effort to get to their destination. The combination of intense emotions along with […]

5 Issues That Can Cause Your License to Be Suspended

There are many issues that can cause your license to be suspended, both traffic-related and not. When your license is suspended, doing everything from buying groceries to driving your children to school can become impossible. Here are five reasons why you may have your license suspended and what you can do if you find yourself […]

How Tough Are Texas’ Driving Laws Compared to Other States?

There are pros and cons when it comes to living in the Sun City. Great weather, affordable living, delicious and authentic Mexican food, and our proximity to states like New Mexico and Arizona, all fall under the list of benefits. When it comes to the downside of our city, one might think of the lack […]

Top 3 Reasons Drivers in Texas Get Their License Suspended

Having your license suspended in El Paso can be extremely difficult. Public transportation isn’t the best and Uber or Lyft fares will certainly wreak havoc on your bank account. Simply put, no one wants to find him or herself without the freedom to get to where they need or want to. In Texas, having your […]

4 Ways to Clear Your Driving Record

When it comes to auto insurance rates, one thing is certain: get a ticket and you can expect higher rates. Auto insurance providers see a not so perfect record as a risk for the roadways. Even if it was your first offense. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. As a ticket dismissal attorney […]

Three Tips for a Successful Cross-Country Summer Road Trip

El Paso’s geographical location makes it a perfect starting point for your next summer road trip. But before you embark on your journey, make sure all of your traffic tickets are taken care of. If you require traffic ticket warrant removal services, the Aaronson Law Firm can help. #1: Be Aware of The State’s Traffic […]