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3 Things You Can Get a Ticket For That You Probably Forgot About

If we’re being honest, it’s probably been a long while since we tested for licenses. And even if it hasn’t, once we pass, it’s hard to retain every single little thing we learned about in driver’s ed class. This lack of knowledge can, unbeknownst to us, earn us our very own traffic ticket. The traffic […]

Most Common Traffic Violations and What They Tell Us About Driving Habits

Ask the person who rings you up at the store, the woman who cuts your hair, your grandma, or even your boss  if they’ve ever received a felony or misdemeanor charge, and the answer will probably be no. Now ask them if they’ve ever received a traffic violation, like, say, running a stop sign or […]

Updated Laws in 2018: Traffic Violations

Every year, tweaks and adjustments are made to the laws that govern the United States and its individual states. Many times, these adjustments are made because of updates to the system, learning from previous mistakes, and adapting to changes in technology and various other factors. This includes laws pertaining to traffic violations. Let’s discuss. Texting […]

The Importance of Traffic Ticket Warrant Removal Services

Traffic tickets can put a damper on any driver. Even if you’ve only ever gotten one ticket, it can still rock you to your core. That’s because of the implication of traffic tickets. Even a simple parking ticket, if not taken care of in time, can lead to dreadful consequences. Arrest, jail time, expensive fines, […]

Speak to a Driver’s License Lawyer Before Your Holiday Roadtrip

As the year comes to a close, we all become more mobile. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years, the following months all have big events that require a fair share of driving. It is the worst time of the year to be without a driver’s license. If you’re facing issues with your […]

When Your Teen Gets Their Driver’s License Suspended

It seems that no matter how well you raise them, teens are programmed for making mistakes. But when this involves getting their driver’s license suspended, it can be a stressful time. Driver’s licenses are typically the biggest freedom a teen has and it enables them to be more active at school and in the community. […]

Traffic Violations — Moving and Non-Moving and What You Should Do!

Traffic Violations — Moving and Non-Moving and What You Should Do! Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he must follow the laws established to keep the roads safe. Although drivers should learn about these laws when they’re learning to drive, it is common for many drivers to forget altogether about […]

Steps for Getting a Ticket Expunged

Steps for Getting a Ticket Expunged So, you got a ticket. Been there, done that. Tickets are a pain to deal with if we’re being honest. Luckily, many tickets can be expunged. When a ticket is expunged, it is removed or erased completely from your record. Sounds great, right? Well, it is, but there are […]

Can I Have My Ticket Expunged?

Can I Have My Ticket Expunged? Expungement is defined as a type of lawsuit in which an offender with a prior criminal conviction seeks that their records be sealed thereby making the records unavailable. While it does not eliminate it completely, there are numerous reasons why people choose to have their ticket expunged. Reasons to […]