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Without your driver's license, getting around town to work, school, shopping, and elsewhere is a real headache. Depending on buses, taxis, and rideshare services can be time-consuming or expensive, especially for everyday use. In a city like El Paso, living without a license is difficult at best, making your usual daily activities a problem and an aggravation. 

At Aaronson Law Firm, you can work with an experienced driver's license suspension attorney who can provide the competent help you need when your license has been suspended. Attorney Aaronson can assist throughout the entire driver’s license suspension process with the DPS by challenging the suspension after a DWI, for example, or help you with the appeals process through representation in court. Regardless of why your license was suspended, our firm is dedicated to helping you get it reinstated. 

Reach out to Aaronson Law Firm for a free case review with our El Paso license suspension appeals attorney by contacting us at (915) 265-0848. We serve drivers throughout the counties of El Paso, Hudspeth, Culberson, and the surrounding areas. Hablamos español. 

License Suspension Reinstatement & Appeals in Texas

In Texas, your driver's license can be suspended for several reasons, including the following: 

DWI/DUI. One of the biggest reasons for suspensions is due to a DWI or a DUI. These are serious offenses in Texas and commonly result in a suspension for a period of time based on the circumstances of your case. 

Medical Conditions. Certain medical conditions, such as advanced age or epilepsy, can lead to license revocations. While this isn’t always your fault or what you can control, it can still have a devastating impact on your life.

Traffic Violations. Repeat traffic violations including speeding, running red lights, or illegal U-turns, can lead to your license being suspended.

Insurance. In Texas, if you drive without insurance and are involved in an accident that results in injury, death, or over $1,000 worth of damages, your license can be suspended.

Serious Offenses. Other serious offenses, such as vehicular manslaughter, felonies, and leaving the scene of an accident, can result in suspensions. 

Other. Other issues, such as neglecting to pay child support or failing to appear in court when required can lead to suspensions. 

Driver's License Reinstatement

When your license is suspended, you’ll receive a notice from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in the mail. This statement should include the duration of the suspension,  what fines you need to pay, and whether or not you will need to appear in court, which usually depends on the severity of the offense you face. Different steps will need to be followed if your license was suspended for medical reasons, a DWI/DUI, or for neglecting to pay child support or show up for a court appearance.

You will be required to stop driving and must usually enroll in a defensive driving class. You’ll also have to pay a reinstatement fee and get an SR22 from your insurance company, which verifies that you will meet all of your vehicle insurance requirements for a specific amount of time.

License suspensions typically have a few options, depending on the reason your license was suspended. First, you have within 20 days of your suspension to contest it in court, but this can take up to four months to occur. 


If your license suspension has gone into effect, you can also appeal with the DPS within 30 days. If you take this route, the DPS will reinstate your license until a hearing is held in court where a judge will make a final decision on the matter. If you prevail at the hearing, your eligibility status for a license will change to “eligible.” If you do not prevail at the hearing, you will receive a notification about the conditions of your new suspension or revocation. 

How We Can Help

Aaronson Law Firm can help you clean up your record and get back to driving. If you’re facing issues with your driving records or drowning in tickets, we’re here to represent you. If your license has been suspended, we are here to take the appropriate steps to help you get it back. By hiring our driver’s license lawyer, you avoid increases in your insurance rates, added points to your driving records, and potentially paying high court and ticket fees. 

If you need help with traffic tickets, citations, expunging your driving record, or appealing your license suspension, contact us today.


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