Holiday Help: How to Avoid Traffic Convictions in the New Year

We are quickly approaching the end of yet another year. This means that it’s time to celebrate with friends and family. As fun and memorable as these events are, it’s necessary to keep yourself in check. We understand that some may partake in drinking wine, spiked egg nog, or any other alcoholic substance in order to make the holidays more bearable. Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean everyone gets a free pass to drink copious amounts of alcohol and, for lack of a better term, go crazy.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations can all become dangerous situations, especially if you’re planning on going to multiple parties or dinners throughout the day. The Aaronson Law Firm has compiled a few tips to keep in mind so you won’t start the next year off with traffic or drunk driving convictions. If you’re facing any legal issues, then give us a call as soon as possible!

Thanksgiving Terror

First, let’s start off with the national day of consuming turkey and stuffing–more succinctly known as Thanksgiving. This day can be seen as the official start of the holiday season. Most companies give their employees at least a day or two off in order to spend time with friends and family, celebrating and giving thanks but most importantly gorging themselves on delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, pie, stuffing, gravy, and whatever else can fit on the dining room table.

In most cases, Thanksgiving celebrations tend to involve the entire family. Perhaps a brother or sister is flying in from out of town. Family members may bring along their children, who as we all know can get somewhat rambunctious, especially when they’re bored and tired. As you sit at the table with your family, a conversation is bound to spark up. There’s the long-standing trope of arguments taking place at the Thanksgiving table.

As ironic as this may seem, it’s something that may happen like clockwork at any particular home in the El Paso area. Discussions about politics, religion, and anything else under the sun can lead to arguments and, perhaps, yelling matches. Simply put, tensions can run high during Thanksgiving dinner. Alcohol consumption can exacerbate any unwarranted outcomes.

If a certain topic reaches a boiling point, certain family members may storm out of the house in a huff. If this is you, for instance, and you’ve had a few glasses of red wine, you will want to reconsider. It’s a well-known fact that eating turkey can make people get very sleepy. Add that with a state of drunkenness and you’ve got a stew of poor decisions goin’. Instead of driving off in anger, perhaps go into the living room and rest on the couch.

Or maybe as a friend, spouse, or rideshare service to take you home. You may or may not have the clarity to make this decision so, before the night begins, you can plan ahead and tell a close confidant of your plan. You may feel uncomfortable in these kinds of social situations and a glass of wine may take the edge off but make sure you have a good getaway plan that can be set in motion, even when you can’t see straight.

If you don’t plan accordingly and you decide to drive off into the night after having a few too many, then there’s a good chance a police officer may pull you over. If it comes to this, it’ll be necessary to speak with a DUI lawyer.

Say No to New Year’s Nonsense

New Year’s Eve is champagne’s unofficial holiday. As such, people tend to dring quite a bit while celebrating the new year. In many instances, people can get many invitations to dozens of New Year’s Eve parties. Since the city of El Paso is quite large, these parties can take place on completely separate sides of town. Imagine driving from the West Side of town to the East Side at 11 pm. Now imagine doing so after having a few glasses of champagne.

Things can easily go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Instead of counting down to the New Year with friends and family, you might have to wait in the back of a police cruiser. That’s not a great way to spend New Year’s, and an even worse way to start off 2020.

A surefire way to avoid any run-ins with the law during New Year’s Eve is by, again, planning ahead. Stick to a single location or plan on having a designated driver or rideshare service so you won’t have to get behind the wheel after drinking. You can never be too safe, especially during New Year’s Eve. Even if you take the appropriate precautions, that doesn’t mean other drivers will do the same. Avoid any traffic-related issues by thinking smart and planning ahead!

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