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Unbelievably easy process. I just went in and provided my speeding ticket, paid my fee, and I was done in about 15 minutes. I didn’t even have to go to court. They took care of everything for me!

-Alex Garcia

Mr. Aaronson truly knows his way around the law in this area. I had a problem obtaining an occupational license in my situation. But Mr. Aaronson took it all on his shoulders. It ended up being very quick and easy for me. And I did not even have to attend a hearing.

-Monica Winslow

Great customer service! Elizabeth is awesome!

Great representation on moving traffic violations.

- MyDigitalManager

I love these laywers! There awesome! They do make everything easier for you when your going threw hard times with the law. He's helped my son multiple times and never fails him! I am very grateful an they were kind an understanding with me as a mom! There the Best. I recommend them to anyone that is looking for good lawyers! I don't trust many people, so I am happy that GOD put them in my path! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

- Amanda Candelaria

Good service and excellent customer service

- Magdalena Perez

Professional and reliable.

- Maria Hardemon

Highly recommended

- Julie Baunach

He's a really good attorney, excellent at what he does!

- Chavela Chave

Great service.

- Mitch Morgan

Mr. Aaronson has protected my driving record and insurance rates many times over the years. I hate to have to admit it, but my lead foot has earned me a number of speeding tickets. But he has fixed them ALL for me!

-Jerry Rios

I have had many speeding tickets dismissed by Aaronson. It’s really simple, I just go in and pay my fee. The whole process takes about 10 minutes. And I have not had to pay any fines or mess up my insurance or driving record.

-Susanne Freedman

Experienced and courteous. Friendly staff and very reasonable prices.

- Edward Dubowitz

I had two different cases, both of them got dismissed.

I’m so glad I went to Mr Aaronson law office.

- Miguel Trillo

It's such a simple process with Aaronson I have used many times over the years. In just a few minutes I'm done. And my driving record remains good with never any fines to pay. That's very helpful for insurance rates too.

- Becky Case

Mr. Aaronson straightened out my occupational license for me and took all the headaches away! I was surprised at how quickly the whole process was over, and I did not have to go to any hearing. He is very reliable and really knows his way around this area of law. Thank you so much mr. Aaronson!

- Jose Lujan

A friend of mine told me about Aaronson. I had a couple of tickets, so I called and explained my situation and set up an appointment. It was so easy. I met with Jordan and he took care of everything. I just paid the fee for their services, and they made it go away. I didn't have to go to court or anything. I'm glad I found Aronson!

- Manny Astorga

They got my speeding ticket dismissed. Thank you.

- Margarita Kilgore

They are very competent

- Thelma Morales